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Let us design and print your book

Did you know that John Grisham’s first novel ‘A Time to Kill’ was self-published?  And who hasn’t heard of the best seller ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, another self published phenomenon?  However, we realise that you may want to publish on a slightly smaller scale, so whether it’s an informative guide, an illustrated children’s book, a […]

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Little Ted Books and Bears arrive in South Africa

We have been working with the Teddington Trust in the last few months to produce two books, ‘Little Ted’ and ‘Little Ted Goes…’ – superbly written and illustrated books that help to educate children with xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), an incurable genetic condition that means sufferers could get cancer from sunlight. We have worked with Nicola […]

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Our handwritten typeface…

If you’re struggling to choose a suitable font for your text, you might want to consider the less formal but very stylish option of a handwritten typeface. Vicki can provide sample text just for headings or for longer pieces of text.  Using handwritten text is a simple but very effective method of giving your work […]

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